Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blogging is like Macaroni for the Soul

I honestly couldn't come up with a better title.  

And I like Macaroni.

I could bitch and moan about a lot of things today, but I find it very difficult to work up the energy for even that.  Britt's family is really going through a rough time right now and if there are any readers of mine left, please go leave her a few words of encouragement.  I have met Britt and she is just a good person.  In a crazy, "I will stab you with my fork", karaoke singing way.

And....  I just found out last night that an old customer of mine died over the weekend.  From a motorcycle accident.  He was a really great guy, someone you just click with right away and he had a family that included grandchildren.  

Damn it all to hell.

Guys, I am really hanging on by a thread here.  My iChat status is usually set to "please make the voices in my head stop screaming" and I am working about 70-75 hours every week.  The rest of my life is suffering, but it is one of those catch 22 things.  I get the dream job, but at what cost?

I miss you all.  I really do.  Even my blog buddies that I e-mail every so often don't get e-mails from me.  I haven't talked to my sisters in weeks and I am just now getting over bronchitis.  What free time I do have is spent with the kids...

I think I am going to switch from drinking rum and wine every once in a while to just adding whiskey into my morning coffee.

So I guess I am bitching and moaning.  Fuck it.

And for old times sake, this is how I feel about the person who fucked up my position before me:

Stupid cocksucking, tittytwisting, Milwaukee's Best drinking, beer gut having, shitlicking, shrimping cum stain.  I hope that you are happy.  You have pissed off a really great group of people by being a complete douchebag and they all think you are one of Satan's minions.  While we have never met, the stories are incredulous.  If they are even a fraction true... well, I feel sorry for you.  

But I still want to hockey punch you.



Monday, May 12, 2008

Scary Scary

So I am on a conference call today and my phone starts ringing.  I look and see it is my husband, but I don't answer it because.... well I'm working.  Then another call.  Then, just as I am getting ready to end the call, a text comes through.

When the call is finally closed out, I check my text and I see the following:

"I was in a pretty bad accident.  I'm OK"

Holy Shit!!

It turns out that an elderly gentleman hit a patch of water on a major highway here in Cleveland and hydroplaned out.  He went right and then corrected, where he then flipped around to the left.  Right in front of my husband.  So my husband ends up hitting the passenger side door behind which is sitting a woman of at least 90 years.  After that, the car behind the hubs smashes into him.  They ended up shutting down a portion of the highway.  No one was seriously hurt, and the elderly guy and his mom drove away after being cited for losing control of his car and causing the accident.  

Both my husband's car and the car of the other guy had to be towed away.  I met the hubs at the collision place where I saw the considerable damage done to our car.  Now we have to wait and see if it will be totaled.  Fuck.  The car was almost paid off and we were looking forward to having the extra moolah for another year or so.  

Anyway, having sold P&C (property and casualty) insurance at one point in my life, I am well aware of the importance of getting checked out by a doctor after an accident.  Plus the hubs was a little out of it, so I took him to the ER.  It turns out he has a mild concussion.  Poor guy.

So, there is my eventful fucking Monday.  Arghhh.  

The bright side is that everyone was able to walk away from what could have been a very deadly accident.  I think that my husband's past of racing cars has served him well today since he was able to think quickly and maneuver his car the best he could in the situation he was in.

Thank goodness.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chicago Bitches

There have been a few (OK one) complaints that I haven't been posting.  It's not because I am dead, or that I have been absconded away by swarthy bandits only to be sold into the sex slave trade.  I really am busy.  I think I worked like 80 hours this week.  Ugh.  

So, there you have it.  AND I am going to be in Chicago this Monday and Tuesday for work.  So, Monday night only...  ADW in Chicago.  Will the Windy 
City survive my the crazy tornado that is me?  We shall see.

I am bone tired and still blowing bubbles:

Please ignore the zit under the bubble.  I get stress breakouts.

Oh and this is from a while ago, but my girl Mim posted a Q & A that I decided to answer.  I liked my answers so much that I am reposting them here.  But this chica is supersweet and funny and kind and I lurve her!

T or F. Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock b/c they ran out of beer.

F - they landed because there was an outbreak of homosexuality.

T or F. Samuel Adams did not make his own beer.

T - his brother Bryan Adams made the beer. And then went on to a life of singing pantywaist crybaby songs.

Name two early Presidents who brewed their own beer.

John Quincy Adams - he originated the egg in a beer for breakfast drink to prove his virility. too bad he used quail eggs. Dumbass.

Millard Fillmore - With a name like that, you know he was an early kegger.

During the German immigration in the mid 19th century, what type of beer was introduced?

Nuremberg Nazi Lager

During the Civil War a barrel of beer could be produced for $_____ and sold for $_____

Slave Labor and sold for a blow job

Name the 3 beer brands that helped Milwaukee become the beer capitol of the US?

Frozen Tundra North Ale
Who Would Live Here Light

T or F. In order to increase their profits beer manufacturers also owned the saloons they sold their beer to.

F - they only pimped out the hookers who in turn promoted the beer to their customers.

___________ and ____________ helped to revolutionize beer distribution in the early 1870’s.

Ben and Jerry

In 1893 ________ became the first American brewery to produce 1 million barrels of beer a year.

My grandmother’s family

_____________________ was the woman behind the movement towards prohibition using vandalism as her gimmick.

That dirty slut Susan B Anthony

T or F. Before Prohibition, workers would get beer breaks just as we get cigarette breaks today.

T - how else do you think shit got made. Gah!

Which Colorado brewery was the first to feel the pinch of Prohibition?

The one that went out of business first.

What year did Prohibition end?

For my family, Prohibition was just an excuse to hide their stills in more creative locations.

How many years did Prohibition last?


Which beer company was the first to advertise on TV?

Iron City Ale

Which beer company was the first to create a “light” beer?

The one that couldn’t see in the dark.

My favorite beer happens to be from the oldest brewery in the US. What is my favorite beer?

Yeung-Leung Lager

Just as an FYI, Yeung-Leung is really part of my ancestry and it is certainly the oldest brewery located in the U.S.  I told you that my family history includes bootleggers.  So suck it Susan B., you dirty little whore.