Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Blech, blech, blech......

I have green snot, I can't breathe and my head is stuffed up.  

I am sick, sick, sick.

However, they say that every cloud has a silver lining.  Well, assholes, I keep looking but I can't find the silver.  I would settle for aluminum at this point, but I got nuthin'.

It's very difficult to be sick with two very active children and a high-pressure career....  So I am hauling my - getting larger every day - ass to the doctor for some drugs.  Any drugs will do right now.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Laughing Out Loud

I have been one very moody bitch lately.....   Luckily I have great people in my life to pull me out of my snits.

I just thought I would share the FUNNIEST thing I have heard in a really, really, really long time.

So this week, I asked someone "What do you call Semen with no sperm in it?"  And without missing a beat, he replied "A delicious breakfast drink."

I peed a little and I'm not ashamed of it.


Monday, September 21, 2009

So Creative.....

To take a break from my regularly scheduled bitching and moaning, I would like to present one of the most creative people that I have the pleasure of having in my life.  She is brilliant and amazing and caring and loving and I have the ultimate gift of calling her mom.....

If you take a few minutes to check out her site and send her some love, it would be much appreciated.  Not only is she successful in the business world, but she is ridiculously creative.

We all have our own gifts, but damn so I wish I could sew.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Let Down

I have been feeling lately like the world has let me down.  I heard some disturbing news the other day about someone that I thought was a friend of mine.  Now I know that is not true.  The relationship I thought we had was more about convenience and proximity than any real kind of friendship.  And it pisses me the fuck off.  Seriously.

I see a therapist and I have been since the beginning of the year.  She has helped me tremendously.  I get these waves of guilt and frustration and anger and about a million other emotions that just wash over me when I think about the past nine years of my life.  And guess what?  It's not all my fault.  For once, I am going to try to take other peoples' advice and realize that I do not have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.  

So to all those people out there who were friends of convenience?  The ones who only wanted to be around me during the good times?  Yeah.  You.  Go fuck yourselves.  I think you suck.  And I do not need people like you in my life anymore.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

A New Post

It has been months and months since I have written ANYTHING.  This used to be the place where I would let all of my emotions spill out.  The place where I felt free to say anything I wanted to say.  But for a while the words just dried up for me.  I couldn't completely explain what I was feeling inside.  Not even in my blog.

In the months of my hiatus, there has been a whirlwind of change in my life.  And I do not feel the need to elaborate on my situation or to share it with anyone.  And by anyone, I really mean the zero people that come here now.  But I am cool with that.  When I first started posting, there was not a soul who read me and I was doing it for my own benefit.  I think I need to get back to the basics.  I need to get back to the time when this place was a safe haven for me to say anything I wanted to without feeling like I was offending anyone.

So I am back.  Whether or not I still have anything in me to write has yet to be determined, but I'll be damned if I quit writing all together.  This is a form of therapy for me and I want to give it another shot.

Besides.... nobody will be reading this anyway.  I am positive that I am out of the feed readers at this point and I don't think I am half as funny as I used to be.

So this is for me.  For my sense of well-being.

And if you don't like it.... suck a bag of dicks.