Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life Sucks Assholes

I honestly am super duper sick of life and all the bullshit crap storms she throws at you every time you turn your head.

I pretty much do not like most people right now and want them to stay the fuck out of my way.  I do not want to give to your charity, I do not want to sponsor this or that for you, I do not want to waste anymore time out of my day.  

Speaking of my day, I work all of the time now.  There is no shut off mode for me.  It is high stress all of the time.  No breaks, no understanding, just demands.  And no support.  Not in my professional or my personal life.  At least not where it should be.

Maybe it is the situation I am right now in my personal life, or maybe it is the fact that I had an allergic reaction driving to a meeting yesterday and overdosed on Benedryl, but I have been exceptionally bitchy lately.  And not even in a fun, ADW bitchy way.  More like a mean bitchy way which can be hurtful.

I need to get the fuck out of dodge for a while.  Unfortunately, my next get out of Dodge is scheduled for a week and a half of family time in SouthEastern Georgia over the holidays.  That might make it even worse.

We shall see.

Sip from the bottle
Pass Out

Fuck it.


Avitable said...

Good luck today, and come to Orlando on Friday. It'll be worth it.

ADW said...

Adam - I love you. Please quit sending me pictures of your balls.

metalmom said...

I like to imagine hitting people in the Achilles tendon with my shopping cart.

That or shooting their eyeballs with BB guns.

And sometimes chomping on their ears.

Yep. That's me when I get mean bitchy.

Anonymous said...

Most people are losing their jobs, we should be thankful for having one.

abstractjenn said...

ADW I've missed you and I'm sorry things are so shitty. I'd go with what metalmom has to say it sounds like a good plan.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Geez, somebody's on the rag!