Monday, June 23, 2008

No. Really. I am a Bitch.

I am not, nor will I ever be little Miss Sunshine.  But lately?  There has been a whole lotta mean tossed into the blender of my personality.  And the funny thing is that I am usually an upbeat, irritatingly so, person.  So, is it the stress of all of the shit that has been happening lately?  Is it the new medication?  Is it the fact that I don't know what the fuck is going on with my job since my boss hasn't returned an e-mail or a phone call in like five days?  A combination of everything?


But honestly?  I feel bad for the people around me.  Especially since I recognize the issue and can do nothing about it right now.

Conversation with my day the other morning:

"Blah, blah, blah and a whole lot of bitchery followed by:  'I need a large cup of coffee and an attitude adjustment'".  

He just laughed.  It was true, but funny.

Oh well.


lspoon said...

Dude, sometimes we need the funk. It sucks for us and everyone around us but it's still necessary :) Perhaps someone should Cher smack you ala Moonstruck?

LIZ said...

First of all, it was really great seeing you and K at the game. I couldn't believe that I didn't know about all of the seizure stuff that had been going on. My job is completely all consuming now, so when I check myspace it is like for 5 seconds. I am really worried about you, especially after catching up on your blog! I wish so much I could come next Saturday, but Frank will bring Pierce. Pierce really wants to see K. Please call me this week if you need ANYTHING, even if it is just to talk. I miss hanging out and I was just at Mustang Salliz for work and I thought about you there. I loved it, lets make a trip when you are feeling up to it. I saw your dance partner. Hahaha. Also, i will send some dessert or something with Frank for Saturday, let me know what you might need.
Love you and I miss you and I am praying for you.

Avitable said...

Give me a call if you want to bitch and rant. I'll listen to ya.

Kelly said...

sooo... did he give you one?

Jeannie said...

The fact is, when you recognize your own bitchiness, it's not so bad on everyone else. Because they can be pretty sure it's not them causing it. It's the bitches that make everyone else feel responsible for them being angry that are despised.

abstractjenn said...

ADW you have had a lot going on lately. Cut yourself some slack.

Sorry to hear about the seizure stuff but glad you have answers.

Do you need me to send you another painting to make you smile?

Marianne said...

Yay for awesome supportive dads!!! Yay for doctors who turn out to be cool quacks.

Email me your addy and I'll ship you some vaseline for the pharmacy visits.

That sucks.

Evil Genius said...

Sorry about the medical situation, but as for the bitchiness right now? You've totally earned the right to it. Your family understands your need to blow off some steam, and once you feel better you can make it up to all of them.

Or, you could also hint that getting presents might make you feel better. lol

Memphis Steve said...

Maybe it's just the frustration with knowing that you have to take this medicine, which you hate, for the rest of your life, combined with the disappointment you said you felt at having 'seizure' associated with you from now on? I should think that not being thrilled in the least about what you have just gone through is pretty much a normal reaction. Despite how it sometimes appears to all of us here on the blog, you are only human after all. You have a right to be less than sunshiney from time to time.