Monday, July 7, 2008

I Taught Her the Nastiness

I think I may have mentioned a few times that I am a soccer mom.  So to take a break from my personal drama, I thought I would post a picture of Spawn #1, AKA SuperDiva.  

SD is not by any means a large girl.  She is 11, but is on the small side.  Not as much in height, but in weight.  The kid lives for soccer and I have spent the last four years (she has been playing for 6) giving up every holiday weekend for soccer tournaments.  You think I'm kidding?  New Year's, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day and that is not all of the tournaments.  Nor does that include practices and regular season games of which there are two outdoor and three indoor sessions.  If you are a parent of a soccer player, you will get it.  If you are not, you will likely think we are insane.  You would be correct.

But I don't do this to live some youthful dream out through my child.  I am so not athletic.  I never have been.  We started out in our city's rec league and realized that she was a pretty good player.  She then went on to play not only Travel Soccer, but has been in a Premier League for the last three years.  And for the last three years, she has never wavered in her desire to play for the US Women's Soccer Team.  So I am trying to give her the tools to live that dream.  However, there are things in my house that come before soccer and the most important of those is education.  She pulls down great grades and is in ASP classes, so as long as she remains a SCHOLAR athlete, I will be more than happy to support her.  

Even if that includes spending my entire summer getting weird sunburn tan lines from sitting in the sun all day cheering her on. 

As you can see from the above picture, SD is pretty athletic.  Our team families are very close and we teach our children the value of good sportsmanship.  The only fly in that ointment is that there are other coaches out there who teach their kids ( YES 11 year old children ), dirty little tricks on how to hurt other players.  A lot of the times, SD gets targeted because 1. she is a really good player and 2. she is usually smaller than the other girls on the field.  That is their mistake.  I may not be athletic, but I am tough.  And we only have one rule regarding being physical on the field:

Rule:  Do not start anything.  Period.  BUT, if you are getting abused, you better take care of yourself.

That is about the only rule she listens to these days.

You might think that I am being mean, but that's not the case.  We had a girl get her arm broken on the field a few weeks ago.  Granted, in that case it wasn't from being rough and tumble, or from a bad referee, but we have had other girls get injured from those very things.  Some of these girls know how to trip when the ref's back is turned, or how to get their cleats under their opponents shin guards and I don't want my kid to get hurt.

But at the end of every single game, she shakes the hand of the other team.  Even when they have been mean and nasty.  Even when the other team's coach and/or parents are yelling at the kids or acting like lunatics.  

But she doesn't take any crap from anybody.  Not even kids who are a foot taller and 50 pounds heavier than her and that happens often.

So, here's to you SupreDiva.  I am very, very proud of you.

Congrats on your Trophy win this weekend.  I have a feeling that it's going to be another naked sunburn Monday (-=

(I was just as proud when they lost every game they played their first few seasons!!!)


Tug said...

YAY for SuperDiva!! I totally get what you're saying, as my daughter was a soccer player...and my nephew plays football in Denver, where there are times my sister-in-law says "watch where you park your car at this game, make sure it's locked, & get ready for *nephew* to get targeted because of the players".

You're teaching her well...good sportsmanship, but STICK UP FOR YOURSELF. You TOTALLY rock the vote!

Peggy said...

I can sympathize with the goofy tan you get the weird sandal tan on the feet??? I'm a softball mom from way back...all 4 of the Offspring have played since they were, like 8. We're kinda winding down with that now, only one left playing travel this summer and she'll be playing college ball next year.

Enjoy the'll miss it when its over

Avitable said...

I could totally see you ripping apart a parent or coach who got one of their kids to hurt your daughter.

Evil Genius said...

You're an awesome mom. SuperDiva is lucky to have a mom who cares enough to teach her what's most important in life, AND to support her in her dreams.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Hey, it comes with the territory. I like to play soccer with my peeps from time to time, and I'll admit I've broken a few arms. Geez, those kids are such crybabies.

Anonymous said...

I realize that's an action shot of her running but it seriously looks like she's throwing elbows and my first thought was "like mother, like daughter" :)

Anonymous said...

I've got a 12 year old that was into the soccer pretty hard until this year. She kind of grew out of it, but while she was, I was enjoying the same sunburn days. Its great to have great kids, ain't it?


Anonymous said...

Waiting on the next BLOG - when can we hear from you again... Your biggest fan...