Monday, April 5, 2010


I am broken now
Only time will tell
What it takes to ease this soul

Your company
Such misery
No sympathy
The road that leads to perfidy

My eyes close
I view the abyss
The spiral staircase ends in mist

No sight
No sound
Just emptiness

Charon waits
Afloat on the River Styx
Do I turn to him
Embrace the nothingness
To ease the troubled suffering

Or do I trade my shields in
For stronger Mail
And protect anew
My every cell

I am broken now
Only time will tell


Avitable said...


sybil law said...

Super glue. Comes in the form of time and friends, lots of love.

Tug said...

You'll get there, back to your happy. ((hugs)) and prayers.