Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things Left Unsaid

This is ripped directly from Adam's site, but I loved it so much, I had to do it here.

"Sometimes it's about the things we can't say. Whether it's because we're not brave enough, or just because the opportunity has passed, these unspoken phrases, positive or negative, supportive or detracting, reminiscent or in hindsight, deserve to be heard."

  • I still blame you for her death. If I could, I would have you locked in jail without the possibility of parole. I try not to, but I hope you rot in hell for your evil deeds.

  • I'm sick of being a friend of convenience to you. You only call me when you need something and are never there for me when I need you in return.

  • Please stop posting horrible things about people on FaceBook. You are the most negative person I know.

  • You're so much more amazing than you will ever let yourself believe. I mean every word that I say to you and hope that one day you will understand that I speak the truth.

  • I feel like you abandoned me and you don't have any idea. You never will.

  • You're so much better than the way you behave.

  • I never liked you. At all. I think your stupidity is singularly overwhelming to anyone who spends more than 10 minutes in your presence.

  • Stop being so judgemental. Not everyone has to live in this world by YOUR standards. It's annoying to everyone who knows you.

  • You deserve better than him.

  • Your existence makes me uncomfortable and I am scared of you.

  • Your children hate you.

  • Every time I see your name, I think about you and wonder what might have been.

  • You hurt someone I love so badly that I never thought he would be whole again. I think you are a selfish asshole who ignores everyone else's feelings for the sake of your own. And? You live in a bubble that other people are all too willing to keep around you. I don't even know why that is.

  • I stopped calling you because I knew you were going to die soon and I couldn't bring myself to see that happen to someone else I cared about. I'm so sorry I was weak.

  • You fill the people around you with joy and wonder. You are the strongest person that I know and my heart breaks for your suffering.

These are just some of the things I've been wanting to say. I'm kind of brain dead this week, but there is so much going on that I can't even process all of it.


sybil law said...

Oh, man! I meant to do this, too and totally forgot! Next time!
Hope this helped you feel a little better and that all the crap clears up soon!

Memphis Steve said...

You may think you're brain-dead this week, but this post was excellent. I think I'm going to steal it.

ADW said...

Syb - Do it. You have no idea how good it made me feel.

Steve - Thank you. It was soothing for me.

Avitable said...

I like this. Nice. xo

Memphis Steve said...

I did, in fact, steal it, but I have it sitting in draft unfinished. I don't know why I'm struggling with the last one. Wait, yes I do. It's because people are reading my blog who know me in real life and I don't want them to. Dammit.

ADW said...

Steve - Just do it. I did. I feel better too.