Friday, March 30, 2007

Frozen Face Funk

I look like I have some type of strange chlamydial herpeleptic sores on my face.

I did this on purpose.

I thought it would make me look better.


I have been getting these - medical term - "things" on the upper right quadrant of my face over the last couple of years. They look like raised bumps, but Dr. Creepy has an actual medical name for them. Other people really don't notice them much, but one of them was near my eye and really bugging me. So I decided to have them removed.

They are not gone.

They are now very large, very noticable and extremely ugly.

My doctor decided to freeze them off after I had an extremely unpleasant reaction to Retin-A. No big deal, right? Unh-Unh. At first, after he had sprayed me with the portable agent orange, I looked like I had been stung a few times in the face. One genius coworker even asked me if I had Botox (not yet). The next morning I rolled out of bed, slipped in my eyes and screamed. What looked like large mosquito bites the day before, now resembled some kind of after-school-this is what happens to dirty girls and yes rubbing on it counts - special. I have five of these putrid welts on my forehead and around my right eye where once there were "bumps", how I miss them.

The moral of the story - I should have had these fuckers removed by a plastic surgeon.

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