Sunday, November 18, 2007

Muck Fichigan

How much do I love this weekend? Way more than last one, that's for sure....

The Ohio State Buckeyes spanked Michigan AGAIN!!!!

Good idea coming back for your senior year just to beat Ohio State guys... bwa ha ha ha!!

Browns beat the Dirty Birds in OT......

And a conversation between me and Mr. ADW (Still employed and thank you for your support everyone!!!)

Me - "Let me hit you"
Mr. ADW - "Uh.... no"
Me - "C'mon, I want to see if my kickboxing is working"
Mr. ADW - "Uh.... no"
Me - "A real man would let me hit him"
Mr. ADW - "I guess I'm not a real man then"
Me - "Seriously. I need to see if I could actually hurt another person and I need a dummy to try my punching out on"
Mr. ADW - "OK, if you hit me, it's gonna start WWIII up in here. It will send a signal to my brain and I can no longer be responsible for my actions"
Me - "Pussy"

Come on people. I want to find out if my new found strength would work in real life situations. Who better to practice on than my husband. But noooooooooooo. I would have only hit him once. Or twice. Just to be sure.


Any volunteers?


Victoria said...

What is it with these boys? I'm in Tae Kwan Do, I'm actually a National Champ. (toot, toot) But my hubby's a Jujitsu bb, so he could so take me, but he won't let me hit him. Pussy.
Next time your up this way let me know and we'll go out and start some fights!

Avitable said...


You can hit me. I may get an erection as a result, though.

The Charming Hedonist said...


The Charming Hedonist said...

And, Ann Arbor is a WHORE!!!

marky said...

One or two hits from you would be nothing sweetie. You're too little. Anyway, avitable may be a masochist but no such perversion dwells here in Manland. We have mountain lions and bears to deal with and we just carry some of that pepper spray that shoots 20 feet or get a taser if you're really scared.

Julia said...

Uhhm, can I send my roommate over? He just somehow "forgot" to clean the kitchen again!

Men are such wussys sometimes! Tststs

greets Julia

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I hope he kicks you in the cooch.

Glamourpuss said...

You married a wise man.


ADW said...

Victoria - Sounds like a plan. Where is "up this way"?

Avi - I would be offended if you stayed flaccid.

Charming Hedonist - I-O

....and to add to the 2nd part, she is a dirty, skanky whore.

Marky - Manland? Ha ha ha. I am telling ManHo Cho about manland. You may end up with some visitors.

Julia - Send away. He may not come back with his full mental facilities, but he will know how to clean.

Bug - That's not nice. But is is funny. And FYI, it DOES hurt when a girl gets kicked in the cootch.

Puss - Eh.... Wise enough to marry me (=

fatwonkkid said...

First of all those kickboxing classes don't teach anything about self defense, nor do they really teach you how to properly throw a kick or punch without hurting yourself. Nor do they properly show you where you kick (besides the nads) to get the most bang for your buck.

Why don't you get yourself a heavy bag and practice on that?

Second your hubby ain't a pussy, he is smart. Because he knows if you hit him, and if he hits you back it will be his fault that you are injured. If he blocks your punch and you injure yourself, it will be his fault.

Women don't understand when they injure themselves due to an attack they started, it is THEIR fault.

My wife goes to kick me, I move and she kicks the couch, but it is my fault she broke her foot...

ADW said...

Fatwonkkid - Of course, it is always your fault!!!

5 of 9er said...

I'll be siding with your husband on this one.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I like that your hubby has a few boundaries! He's not above taking advantage of your drunken state - but doesn't want to be hit. Makes sense.

Don't bring your kickboxing in my direction. It's nice that you are learning a skill but I will fuck you up.

Anonymous said...

I'll volenteer if you kick me while you are nakid.. Or at least topless..

greg t

marky said...

I said MAN Land (where the men love their women and vice versa), not GayRod Land, not FudgePacker Land, not Poo Pirate Land, not Bum Bandit Land...we very delicately ship those types to San Francisco.

metalmom said...

Please come hit my Hubs. He is being a fuckwad with the excuse that 'I'm not smoking....I'm cranky' Asshole needs a good smack!

Memphis Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Memphis Steve said...

I will only volunteer to let you hit me if
A) you are naked (greg t had that one right)
B) I get to wear all my pads, including and especially the cup
C) I get to counter-attack afterward, and by counter-attack I mean molest you

Victoria said...

Chicago, IL.
We'll kick it like ninja's in heels!

RWA said...

My goodness. Such violence in your tone.

From the sound of it, I don't think I would let you hit me either!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I've been a bad boy! Spank me, baby! Spank me HAAARRRDDD!!!

Tug said...

Yeah, I'm not a man so I'm not thinking you want to kick me. But. I can volunteer others, if you don't find anyone close. ;-)

The Chief said...

Isn't your husband abused enough being married to an Ohio State fan!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I would totally let you hit me. There is a girl at work that I ask to hit me as hard as she can sometimes. And she does. And it hurts. And I like it.

ADW said...

5 of 9er - and the penii stick together.

Claudia - You will be fighting along side me...

Greg - I am pondering your offer.

Marky - Not Mo Island?

MetalMom - I have been following the saga of the non-smoker and while I feel for you, we are going to refrain from entering the melee.

Steve - Bring it on!!!

Victoria - Welcome Back - a little late, I know.

RWA - You will do as I say!

Dyck - I knew that you would be up for a good time (=

Tug - I would never hit you, only those you hate.

Chief - Na na na na boo boo. How'd those Steelers do this past weekend? And don't say Jets who?

Fab - You are a real man. And by real man, I mean a REAL MAN!!!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I've always wanted a black eye, so I guess you could hit me.

Go Bucks!

Memphis Steve said...

Sounds like we've got a deal, baby! I knew all this tae kwan do equipment would come in handy one day. So, meet me halfway, or do I have to drive up there?

Tony said...

I find this whole post offensive. How can you be so insensitive towards the feelings of another. I am disgusted, and yet, I have never been more turned on in my life! Hit me!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I'll fight by your side any day of the week. Wanna take on Avitable? I'll fire up the electric razer.

ADW said...

Cherry - Yeah, but you don't want to see me naked, so that's no fun.

Steve - You have cars down there?

Tony - many people are offended yet turned on by me Go figure!

Claudia - we shall meet in Orlando and commence the shavery.

Memphis Steve said...

Yeah, we have cars. You wanting me to do all the driving? I have a big old truck. You want to fight me in the back seat of my truck while naked? 'Cause I'll make the drive up for that, for sure.

random moments said...

Oh my GOD - this sounds like a conversation me and my guy would have!

How about a punching bag? You look too nice to pack a mean one.

BottleBlonde said...

You can hit me. Take yer best shot. Just don't fuck up my grillz. I paid big money to have those babies gold plated.

Tony said...

I think i can figure why many are turned on by you...but offended? How ever can that be? (imagining you smacking me a good one right now, now , noooooow!)

honkeie2 said...

My wife beats me all the time, the state calls it abuse but she calls it foreplay. But what do I care, as long as I get my cookies off in the end she can beat me all she wants lol.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Ha...ooohh that actually sounds like fun. :D

I fought my friend. She kick boxed...we went a couple rounds. I've had a few lessons. Mostly boxing. I love it.

Yeah...pick me. I'll go a few rounds with you. If I don't get hurt. ha.

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