Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On The Road Again - Maryland Bound

Woot, woot!!!

I'm a comin' to Maryland. My baby sister is having a baby of her own and I am driving down to the MD to be with her tomorrow.

I frigging love Maryland. I used to live in Maryland. I can't find a hotel to save my life that is not a fortune because of the holiday weekend.

If anyone is in the Rockville to Frederick spread, give me the scoop on good hotels.

I need the following amenities:
1. Decent Neighborhood
2. Pool
3. Internet Connection

That's it people - I'm pretty simple and I would also like the hotel to cost less than 2 freaking hundred bucks a night. I love my sis, but not that much.

She is expelling her loin fruit at a Hospital in Rockville, but lives in the Frederick area along with a lot of my family, hence the wide area where I can stay in a hotel.

Suggestions, anybody?

Also, any other suggstions on food, shopping and entertainment would be appreciated as well. One of my other sisters is driving up from Va Beach on Saturday AM, and since this is a "family-less" weekend, we may imbibe upon a few alcoholic beverages.

Watch out Cabana Boys!!!

Just kidding honey (=



Kalleigh Hathaway said...

Welcome back to Maryland! Although why the hospital in Rockville? Frederick Memorial is great - that's where my son was born and they had a wonderful NICU.

No tips on hotels, though, never stayed in one out in that direction. Sorry!

ADW said...

K - thanks!! I am not sure why so far away, but her Dr is out of that hospital - something with insurance I think....

Malnurtured Snay said...

Rockville! I grew up in Adelphi. Haven't been in that area in YEARS. Enjoy! And tell your sister, if she has a girl, to name her Mary: then, literally, the state will be hers. :)

Legaleagle said...

Congrats on the neice/nephew! The best thing about kids that aren't your own is that you can take them, spoil them rotten, teach them bad words, fill them with sugar and send them home with loud toys. Ahhh, I love being childless!

Avitable said...

Loin fruit. That's a great phrase.

Anonymous said...

Holiday Inn Frederick
(301) 662-5141
outdoor pool $114/night

MainStay Suites
(301) 668-4600
indoor pool and hottub $120/night
seems like your best bet...right off 270, straight shot to Rockville.

Kim Ayres said...

You could try Couch Surfing

Mighty Dyckerson said...

There's the Last Chance Motor Lodge on Route 5. Vibrating beds, and only $30 a night. Better bring some flea powder though.

Scary Monster said...

I hear that Sears has a really great discount hotel in the area.

You check in on Monday but you have to leave on the previous Friday.


tfg said...

I'm glad your sis is having a baby of her own because renting is just throwing money down a hole.