Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jessie Davis

This is a serious post. Now that I have only one reader left, I would like to say that you may have seen on the national news that there has been a tragedy in my back yard. A young woman named Jessie Davis dissapeared from her home last week. Her two year old son was left alone in the home and no one has heard from her since.

Most of you have already heard about this story, but if not, you can go to the following link and read about this situation here.

I just want to say that I am saddened and disheartened over what seems to be an increasing amount of violence against pregnant women these days. The Rae Curruth case from a few years ago is a good example. Here you have a professional football player who was found guilty of conspiring to murder his 8-month pregnant girlfriend in a drive-by shooting and is currently serving an 18-24 year jail sentence. Then you have the Laci Peterson case and subsequent trial where her husband was convicted of her murder. On and on I could go, but in my opinion, we keep hearing about these acts of violence more and more often.

Now it is not my place to place blame or to judge anyone without proof, BUT I know that the Canton Ohio Police Department is currently looking very closely into the actions of Jessie's boyfriend and the father of both her 2 year old son and the child that she is/was carrying. A current Canton police officer, Bobby Cutts Jr. is under heavy scrutiny from both the local and federal law enforcement agencies involved in the case and the news media.

Most recently, there was a newborn girl found on the doorstep of a home about 45 miles away from where Davis lives with it's umbilical cord wrapped around her throat. The authorities are running DNA tests on the child to see if she is, in fact, the daughter that Davis was eagerly awaiting.

I can't express how this has affected the community of Northeastern Ohio, except to say that well over 1,000 volunteers showed up to assist with the last search for this poor young woman. People are passing out flyers and helping out any way that they can. I ask now that whoever and whereever you are, to please take a moment out of your day to say a small prayer for Jessie Davis and her family. If you don't pray, then send some Karma this way because we desperately need it.

Thank you,


Kim Ayres said...

I don't pray, but my thoughts are here

fatwonkkid said...

One of the interesting aspects of the Laci Peterson case was the reaction, or lack of reaction of the National Organization of Women (NOW).

NOW maintains the opinion that women should be allowed to get abortions regardless of reason because it is a woman's body, woman's right. Whether you agree with them is of little consequence.

The interesting thing is what they thought of the Laci Peterson murder. Should that be considered a single murder or double murder. If it is a double murder, then how can you condone abortion since it would therefore be murder? Or is murder OK as long is it is not done to yourself but to a human entity growing inside yourself.

Eitherway, NOW kept their mouth shut on that topic. They didn't want to suffer the wrath of pro-abortion people, or the people expressing sympathy for Laci.

Tug said...

many prayers...

This is just SO.SAD...

Glamourpuss said...

I am deeply troubled by the rise of violence against women. There's something very wrong with our society. Sigh.

Positive vibes coming from across the Atlantic.


themuttprincess said...


This shit just breaks my heart. Sever the ties with the person, do NOT kill them.


ADW said...

****Thank you all for your kind comments and wishes. While I do not know Jessie or her family personally, I wanted to do my little part to bring attention to this matter and the issue at large****

Legaleagle said...

Strange fact:

A woman is more likely to be abducted and/or murdered by a person she knows while pregnant than at any other time in her life. She is also more like to have violence committed against her by another woman.

It's sad that these things have to happen to bring light to such a horrible statistic.

My thoughts are with her family and community.

Variant E said...

This is sad and troubling. I'd help if it were in my area.

Mr. Fabulous said...

These stories always depress me. It is completely beyond my understanding how human beings can behave like this.

Corn Dog said...

I can't understand any of this. I feel so sorry for this woman and the two year old who obviously witnessed whatever occurred.

Laci Peterson's headless and limbless body washed up on the shores of our dog park the day after her lifeless baby was discovered a mile away. Scott Peterson, her husband, was convicted on circumstantial evidence of first degree murder in the deaths of his wife and unborn son, Connor. Last I heard, he would be receiving the death penalty. Everyone in the bay area was riveted to the court proceedings. How do these monsters walk among us unnoticed, posing as caring loving individuals? I would not have picked hime out in the crowd. The smiling pictures of Laci haunt me. The autopsy reveals a blow to her stomach. Her baby died later in utero. It is so very sad. This was supposed to be her happiest moments, not her torturous death.

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I'm with Mr. Fab., how in the heck do people get so darned crazy??

Jenny! said...

It's so disgusting...crimes against children and pregnant woman really get me angry. My thoughts are with her family and every other family that has had to go through the loss of a child or pregnant mom!

A Voice of Sanity said...

Corn Dog said...
... The autopsy reveals a blow to her stomach. ...

No, it didn't.

... Her baby died later in utero. ...

No proof of this was offered and it was impossible for several reasons.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Legaleagle said...

A woman is more likely to be abducted and/or murdered by a person she knows while pregnant than at any other time in her life. She is also more like to have violence committed against her by another woman.

Can you point to real statistics on this? AFAIK, less than 7 in 100,000 pregnant women die from homicide. Slightly more die in auto accidents. And about 20 in 100,000 die of medical misadventure. But perhaps you have better information?

BTW, about 70,000 out of 100,000 husband will commit adultery (Kinsey) and there is no causal relationship between adultery and homicide. The non adulterers are no less likely than the majority to kill.

xcop PI said...

I don’t usually arm chair quarterback a case from thousands of miles away. But it doesn’t take much common sense to conclude that law enforcement here, prematurely assumed that there was "no foul play" involved, in the missing person investigation of Jessie Marie Davis.

Just a few tall tail indicators as to why this scene should have been immediately secured and handled as a homicide scene (including but not limited to.)

Jessie’s 2-year-old child was home alone with a dirty diaper of at least one day old (her grandmother advised this is out of her character)

Jessie’s purse was dumped out on the floor

Her bedroom was in disarray.

Her coffee table was knocked over (Her 2-year-old child (a witness) stated “mommy broke the table” (indicating she was thrown or fell over it.)

When asked where mommy was, the 2 year old stated “Mommies in the rug” (indicating that she was probably rolled up into the bed comforter ‘that was missing.’)

Her car was still parked outside (indicating she didn’t just drive away)

An empty bleach bottle was on the floor. And the smell of bleach inside the home was "overwhelming" (indicating a swift forensic cleanup.)

The father of her 2 year old, is her estranged boyfriend Bobby Cutts Jr. Bobby is also a Canton Ohio police officer, whom happens to be a married man. But also allegedly has multiple children, with multiple mistresses.
Disclaimer: We are not alleging that her former lover Bobby Cutts is a suspect. He may very well be 100% Innocent.

A recent television interview of Los Angeles model and actress Nikki Giavasis does raise some concerns of Bobby Cutts. She advised she did 'briefly' date him for a couple months, and states he does have a "shady background."
Sadly since the scene was not originally handled as a homicide scene (as it should have.) This will greatly increase the chances that either,

The real suspect will get away, or worse

An innocent man may be accused.

One Sheriffs detective was overheard saying “they can’t handle the scene as a homicide, because they have no body, or evidence of one.” I chucked, because case law says differently, and the courts have actually convicted suspects of murder, without a body even being found.

But now the FBI has their eye, on Jessie's former boyfriend officer Bobby Cutts. Here's the rest of that story.