Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halfway To 50

This past Saturday, I went out with BBS to celebrate her birthday. And what a celebration it was. Crap on a Cracker, we had great time. It started out as just the two of us for dinner and then we went to a honkey tonk for a night of good old fashioned country bumpkin fun. Yeah I said it. Country. That's right people, I have a huge hard on for country music. I have been dancing for over ten years and I love nothing better than to go listen to music I like and dance. I two-step and swing, cha-cha and chaddish and everything in between. BBS loves country too, but for some crazy ass reason, she was too much of a fuckin' pussy to go out on the dance floor that night.

Later on in the evening, one of BBS's other friends stopped by with her boy toy to hang out and party. They wanted to learn how to dance and it has been decided that I will host my first line dance slumber party. This is basically an excuse for us to get together, drink Sangria and dance around in our underoos. We're fun that way.

Liz and K work together and the clued me in on the most annoying laugh in the world. I practiced for a half a second and had it down pat. Shocking, I know.

I think the most fun we had all night was people watching. Some chick-a-doodle was staring at BBS (she is 6'1" and BUILT). So this is what comes out of BBS' mouth:

"Keep looking. Of course, you could have changed out of the sweatshirt BEFORE going out!"

I swear to you, right now, that one day I am going to get into a fight defending her honor. Fuck!

So, I am tired, cranky and sore right now and I don't have much more to share other than the fact that we had a few adult beverages, danced our asses off (I wish that literally) and had a hell of a good time. I do have to bitch about the fact that we had quite a few people bail out on us that evening after committing to it weeks ago, but I will save that for another time.

Here are the pics:

The start of the evening, don't we make a great couple?

Me, Liz and K

Yeah, I am a farking douchenozzle, but what else is new?
P.S. I have gum in my mouth and I look like an asshole.

I am not fucked up. Really. It's not Captain Morgans' eye. Seriously. Don't you remember that I said I had an eye growth?
Damn, I am a squinty little beyotch.

End of the night?
'Nuff said.


marky said...

Oh my, are you the most precious thing in the world or what? Cat fights? Take video please, stills just won't do.

Amanda said...

Looks like a good time

Mim said...

You guys always look like straight up pimps when you go out together. Love it.

fatwonkkid said...

i have this fake laugh that I do once every couple months. I do it because it is funny. Last time I did it, my wife snorted. Then I continued to do it for a large portion of the day. She was ready to kill me...

Avitable said...

The country music thing is a big burden for me to overcome to become your official stalker, but I think I can do it.

The Chief said...

I remember the "Halfway to 50" mark on my 25th. Of course, this year marked my "Third of the way to 100" so it's a bit more depressing! (That's 33 1/3 for all you who aren't great at math!)

metalmom said...

Did you really say cunt-tree?

Glamourpuss said...

25 years old? Whippersnapper.


wafelenbak said...

Toooooo cute. :)

ADW said...

Marky - No cat fights. At least not yet.

Amanda - It was a blast!!

Mim - She's the pimp, Idaho.

Fatty - It's more fun the more you annoy someone else with it.

Avi - I guess I should have lied and said that we went to see a Spice Girls Cover band.

The Chief - It was her halfway to 50 celebration...

MetalMom - Ha ha ha ha, cackle.

Puss - Aye, that she is.

Wafelenbak - Thanks, right back atcha.

Memphis Steve said...

Oh my Lord, you guys are at it again! SOOOO beautiful! Soooo hot!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I still don't think she's hotter than you.

I love to dance too but I don't know how to country dance. How did you learn?

Anonymous said...

The two of you make a beautiful couple. Any room between ya's. Love to dance with you some night. We will see who's ass falls off first

Greg t

BBS said...

This is BBS.
Yes, it was a very fun night..ADW and I always have a great time together, no matter where we are, who we are with or what we wear out. On a serious note, I am really fortunate to have such a great friend in her and to all of her fans who read her blog, you should wish that you knew her in real life, too. She is unpretentious, loyal, and a great mom, who is also sarcastic, witty and kind of a bitch..all qualities that I deeply admire..The only problem I have with anything regarding this post or comments is this: We have been friends for so long that when we go out, we don't perceive it as a beauty contest..We have both been friends with some incredibly beautiful women and I am over comparing myself to anyone or scrutinizing every little flaw on my 25 year old body..We go out as the best of friends, and not focus on who is the "hotter" one. I am surprised that it even becomes a factor in replying to her blogs..Sorry, but that is lame. Find something else to focus on, like what a great writer she is, what an incredible country line dancer she is, or what a great friend she is for taking me out for my birthday..We don't look at each other as competing in a beauty contest, and neither should you!

Memphis Steve said...

OK, now that I have finally had a chance to read it instead of just glancing at the photos, it looks like you guys had a blast. I wish I could have come. But then again, I dance like a wounded duck, so maybe it's for the best that I wasn't there.

RWA said...

Aren't people who say they'll be there and then don't show up the worst?

Looks like y'all had fun, though. The ones who didn't show up missed out.

BottleBlonde said...


You ladies are definitely living life to the fullest. Keep on keepin' it gansta (I mean, country bumpkin)!

And as far as that sweatshirt sportin' chick who was staring at you all, I have NO DOUBT that she was a jealous lesbian.

Tug said...

BBS & my daughter could never be in the same room, or we WOULD be breaking up fights - LOL - my daughter's the same way, & I love it.

Country dancing is fun - jitterbug anyone?

Diesel said...

Country music makes my pancreas hurt. My ovaries too, I think. Nice pics though.

George said...

Great night, great pics and you're both beautiful. You're one of the funniest ladies ... make that people, that I know. Always a surprise and never a let down

Cheers to you

Franki said...

I was gonna say how hot you all are but then realized I was super lame, so i'm just gonna say that the girl with the white face is really, really an albino with no eyes, nose or mouth.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you were a lezbo.

Good thing I don't know any better.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Glad to read you had a good time.

Too bad about the country music.

Kelly said...

stop looking so cute! it makes me wish you were fat.

sorry... but it's true... :-)

Rex Venom said...

Rock on!

Chuck said...

You two are some sexy bitches!!!

You remind me of a younger Christina Applegate and I love your cheekbones.